NEW LMMIGRANTS IN TAIWAN                                                      

The school was founded on September1 1976 The former address was N.o 213

Road section One Taiping County Taichung City However,it was

 darmaged by Earthquake 921 in1999.Thanks for TzuChi Foundation ‘s helping build

The new school in N.o116 Zhongshan Road SetionTwoTaiping District

 Taichung City,and school was moved there on Spetember22 2002


There are 32 classes in school so far .The number of students are 891 and staff are 109. By many previous principals’leading,it has Become an excellent learning environmeent students.Beside credits of increasing teaching equipments to raise students learning interests and computerizing administrative affairs of school to improve the efficiency of administration both have gained extremely high appreciation. 


 Moreover the current principal Kuo-Chang Hsiao takes the principales of alliance strategy knowledge management education marketing and education execution to explore school-based teachers professional grownth. Furthermore he tries to establish the characteristcs of school to set into action of adaptive education and develop studrnts multiple abilities. The purpose is to make student have right judamget and active learning attitude Therefore , they can fit in with the new trend of long-life learning.


School Address No.116 Zhongshan Road Section Two Taiping District Taichung City  


Tel:    ( 04 )23922540

Fax:   ( 04 )23928160